Welcome to the International Workshop on Materials Science at Osaka Prefecture University (OPU)

This event aims to provide a high-level forum for addressing a number of frontier topics in condensed matter science cutting across the traditional disciplines of physics and chemistry. Participants are expected to take the opportunity to exchange ideas across interdisciplinary discoveries in materials science and promote in-depth discussions of these topics.

The timing of the Workshop coincides with a seminal event in the history of Osaka Prefecture University and its future development – namely, merging of Osaka Prefecture University and Osaka City University will take place on April 1, 2022 to form a major new University, tentatively named Osaka Metropolitan University (name under formal approval).

At the same time, the Workshop marks the end of the existence of the Nanosquare Research Institute, which had hitherto actively supported interdisciplinary research across all facets of Materials Science. At the same time, through its pioneering Tenure-Track Assistant Professor program, it had successfully nurtured the independent research activity of many young researchers who have progressed to establish their research laboratories both at OPU and elsewhere in Japan.

The workshop will be a two-day event and it consists of keynote and invited presentations by outstanding international, national and OPU materials science researchers. The majority of the participants are active research scientists in the broad community of condensed matter chemistry, physics and materials science.


Saturday, October 30 and Sunday, October 31, 2021


ONLINE ※The workshop will be held online due to the current COVID-19 situation.

Host Organizations

The workshop is organized by the Centre for Research & Innovation in Electronic Functional Materials and the Research Institute for All-Solid-State Battery together with Nanosquare Research Institute. The organizing institutes have worked together to produce a program, which cuts across the interests of the materials-science-active research groups at OPU.

All host organizations belong to the Research Center for the 21st Century of Osaka Prefecture University. This consists of 50 research centers promoting cross-sectoral research across all Departments of the University.

Cooperative Organizations

Industry-government-academia joint study group in OPU
OPU All-Solid-State Battery Forum